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Mechanisation of tree work.

For direct customers

We can offer fixed rate or day rate contracts depending on requirements. We can provide all of the necessary paperwork such as method statements, risk assessments, lift plans etc.

For tree surgeons

Why not let us work with you to increase the capacity of your company. We can offer a "partnership" service where you can employ us to carry out the big bulky work and have your own staff carry out the tree surgery / pruning operations. Many of our existing clients know exactly what we can do, space requirements etc. and are able to price jobs without consulting us at the time. We will of course, give help and advice to newer clients until they get the hang of it. 

Importantly your clients are your own. We never approach your clients and offer our services directly.


We can also offer simple day rate operated machinery hire from for most of the equipment listed below.

Equipment list 


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