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Mobile Crane Use in Arboriculture

We were one of the first companies to recognise the importance of mobile cranes within Arboriculture.

Although the cost of hiring a crane can be high, the savings can usually out-weigh this due the time saved carrying out the work.

Another important element is that it allows the sectional felling of decayed / unstable trees to be carried out safely. Using conventional techniques a good deal of stress can be sent down the main stem particularly when ‘snatching’ heavy timber ( one of the most hazardous jobs ), the use of mobile cranes can avoid this.

  • Sectional felling

  • Reductions

  • Whole tree removal

  • All with no ground damage

  • Removal of fallen trees

  • Timber recovery

  • Method statements

  • Lift plans

  • CITB qualified staff

  • Our own directly employed qualified appointed person for Lifting Operations

Mobile crane (4).jpg
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