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Mechanised tree work

Grapple saw
Menzi muck
Ash tree take down

Excavator based tree shear


Our 32t Hitachi high reach tree shear can be used to section fell or pollard trees to a maximum height of 10m. The zero swing configuration makes it ideal for tight spaces where even a 14t machine would struggle.

Excavator based tree shear / saw

Fitted with VOSCH grapple saws or Case CX240, Menzi Muck and Hitachi ZX225 machines are ideal for high capacity large scale tree removal.

Grapple saw truck

Our own lorry based grapple saw is perfect for single or multiple trees of any size. Fitted with a GMT TCC050 with a reach up of nearly 30m and a radius of 27m the 80T crane still has a lifting capacity of 1000kgs.

Menzi Muck steep slope excavator 

Often know as a walking excavator or spider excavator our Menzi will work on steep slopes long after a conventional machine has given up. Weighing in at only 12 tonnes it packs the punch of a 20 tonne machine. Fitted with a bucket, rake, mulcher, shear or grapple saw it is an awesome machine.

Trees such as Ash infected with Hymenoscyphus fraxineus ( previously know as Chalara fraxinea or Ash Dieback ) can be taken down safely with the operator out of harms way.

All the arisings from these operations can be stacked ready for chipping using one of our high capacity chippers. 

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