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Magni RTH 6.30 rotating telehandler 
Westtech CS750 Smart grapplesaw
GMT 030 grapplesaw

roto hire.jpg

Magni roto-handler

30m reach 

6t capacity 

Forestry Specification

Low ground pressure tyres

This machine is Magni's own adapted rotating telehandler for use in tree work. With automated attachment recognition the computer on the machine will instantly select which attachment you have picked up and change the settings of the base machine to suit. 

This means that the correct load chart is selected along with the hydraulic flow rate suitable for the attachment. This is very important when looking at preventing the possibility of chain shot with the Westtech head.


Can be fitted with:

  • ​Westtech CS750 grapple saw

  • GMT 030 grapple saw and mini boom

  • 6T hook

  • Pallet forks

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Magni grapplesaw.jpg
Magni grapple saw hire.jpg
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